My New Subscription Service!

artist share image facebook 1a - elicia sanchez.png

I recently joined a new artist-centered subscription service through a local company called ZIIBRA.  The way it works is artists of all kinds (musicians, chefs, visual artists, etc) set up a page with examples of their work and a video greeting, then fans and supporters can choose to subscribe to those artists.  The subscription plans are all different depending on who the artist is.  If you so choose to subscribe to my page, you have three different super cheap monthly subscription options ($3, $5, or $10).  What you will receive in return from me depends on the subscription you chose, but if you sign up, each month you will receive different exclusive content such as a download of my podcast episode 24 hours before they're available on iTunes, free tickets to my shows, exclusive only for subscribers backstage videos from performances here, on the road or at festivals, a comedy show featuring myself and some friends AT YOUR HOUSE and more! I think this could be a really great way to meet new people and show you guys what a major idiot I am. Currently I've already got some backstage video content in the can from recent shows at The Neptune (Seattle), The Doug Fir Lounge (Portland) and the Fun House (Portland).  These will only be available to view for subscribers of this service! Check out my page and see if you're interested!